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Community Resources

Many community organisations offer education and assistance related to natural disasters. Some of the organisations focused on building resilience and relief and recovery are listed here.

Research and education

Disaster Resilience education for schools is toolkit for teachers and students of disaster resilience, focused on developing a shared understanding of the critical role everyone plays in developing a disaster resilient Australia.

RMIT Centre for Risk and Community Safety undertakes applied research supporting the achievement of safe, resilient communities, through continuous improvement in emergency management.

The Australian Security Research Centre is a think tank on domestic security and disasters. The Centre undertakes independent, evidence-based analysis of both traditional and evolving security and disaster issues.

The Flinders University Disaster Research Centre is a leader in disaster and emergency research in the region.

The Disaster Response and Resilience Research Group studies mental health and psychosocial response factors in the context of hazards including natural disasters. It promotes resilience and effective coping in the face of adversity, and supports the translation of research and expertise into evidence-informed policy, and national and regional service response systems.

Relief and recovery

The Australian Government provides funding through the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements to States and Territories to help pay for natural disaster relief and recovery costs.

The Australian Red Cross offers relief in times of crisis and care when it's needed most, helping tens of millions of people around the world each year including local communities in Australia.

State Emergency Services provide essential services during and after natural disasters and are committed to assisting in building resilience to natural disasters in Australian communities.

The Salvation Army is an international movement whose members are motivated to meet human needs without discrimination.  The Salvation Army provides support in flood and bushfire affected areas of Australia.

The Salvation Army has produced a film and website, Still Standing After A Natural Disaster which provides information from experts who can assist in the long term recovery from natural disasters.

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