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The Authors

The Deloitte Access Economics team commissioned by the Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience and Safer Communities to develop its White Paper includes some of Australia’s most respected economists, policy experts and economic modellers.

The team consists of Professor Ian Harper, Professor Henry Ergas, Rick Shaw, Dr Ric Simes, Kathryn Matthews and Eamon McGinn.

Dr Ric Simes
Partner, PhD UPenn, MEc ANU, BComm (Hons) UNSW, FAICD

Ric has extensive knowledge in public policy, governance, finance, econometrics, economic analysis and strategy. He has held senior positions in the Commonwealth Treasury, academia, Prime Minister Keating’s Office and the private sector before joining Access Economics late in 2005. Ric has led numerous projects on economic contribution studies and cost benefit analysis in the areas of telecommunications, climate change, energy, transport and water amongst other things. Ric has demonstrated expertise in economic analysis and public policy and in depth understanding of the operation of the Australian economic and financial system that blends policy analysis and first hand capital market expertise.

Professor Ian Harper
Partner, BEcon (Hons) (Qld), MEc PhD (ANU), FASSA, FAICD

Ian is one of Australia’s foremost economists. He has worked closely with governments, banks, corporates and leading professional services firms at the highest level. As a member of the celebrated Wallis Inquiry, he was at the forefront of financial market reform in Australia. In August 2008, Ian joined Access Economics where he is now a Director, following a 25-year academic career, including 16 years in various roles at Melbourne Business School. In recognition of his service to the University of Melbourne, Ian was elected Emeritus Professor on his departure. From December 2005 to July 2009, Ian served as Chairman of the Australian Fair Pay Commission, an independent statutory body whose role was to set and adjust minimum wages in Australia. In 2010, Ian was appointed to the Australian Advisory Board of Bank of America Merrill Lynch and in 2011 he was appointed Commissioner to the Independent Review of State Finances by the Victorian Government.

Prof. Henry Ergas
Senior Economic Adviser, B.A. (Econ) First-Class Honours, Sussex U, M.Ec.Stud. (High Distinction), UQueensland

Henry has extensive experience dealing with issues of competition policy and regulatory economics over a range of industries, including telecommunications, electricity, aviation, surface transport, and financial services. He has held senior positions at the OECD, NECG, CRA International and Concept Economics. Henry is currently a lay member of the New Zealand High Court and the inaugural Professor of Infrastructure Economics at the University of Wollongong’s SMART Infrastructure Facility. He chaired the Intellectual Property and Competition Policy Review Committee for the Australian Government in 1999-2000, and was a member of the Prime Minister’s Export Infrastructure Task Force in 2005. Henry has led or been involved in numerous projects in finance, telecommunications, transport, public utilities, and defence.

Rick Shaw
Partner, Consulting

Rick is a mathematician and actuary with experience in risk management, capital modelling and regulatory systems. Rick has extensive overseas and Australian experience, and is recognised internationally for his work on capital modelling, regulatory systems and pricing and valuation. Rick was Chief Actuary at the Bermuda Monetary Authority before returning to Australia, and has advised the World Bank and IMF on social security reform in the Middle East. Rick has served as Appointed Actuary for a range of insurers and reinsurers in a number of countries. For years Rick was national leader for Tillinghast Bermuda, and has extensive experience on corporate acquisitions, particularly in Asia. Rick has also worked with the Australian Government Actuary, and advised the Actuaries Institute on policy and government relations.

Kathryn Matthews
Director, BEc (Honours), Macquarie University (1985) MEc, Macquarie University (1991)

Kathryn is an economist with wide ranging experience across the private sector, academia and government. Kathryn has worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia, lectured at Macquarie University, and been a consultant at Ernst & Young and economic consultancy firm Econtech, and headed the Research, Consulting and Valuations teams at property advisory firm Jones Lang LaSalle. Most recently, at NSW Trade and Investment, Kathryn managed a team of professionals to drive positive business and employment outcomes in NSW across a wide range of industries including finance and business services, information and technology services, health and community services, creative industries and education.

Eamon McGinn
Associate Director, MEc, University of New South Wales (2011) BComm (Hons) (USyd)

Eamon joined Access Economics from the Australian Energy Regulator, prior to this he worked at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Eamon’s most recent work has focussed on land transport in Australia, particularly freight. Eamon has been involved in a number of projects advising the Australian Government on natural disaster risks and policy. Eamon also has experience in regulatory and competition issues relating to infrastructure intensive industries such as electricity and natural gas, agricultural and natural resource economics and energy and minerals markets. Eamon has developed expertise in a building blocks approach to economic regulation and Quantitative microeconomic modelling.


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